Monday, September 5, 2011


Dalam hidup aku, ada 2 orang yang aku akan ingat sampai bila-bila. Walaupun kenal melalui alam siber je, but they're too nice. My real true online friends. Too bad now we've lost contact.

First is Alan. Apa yang aku tahu pasal dia, he's a Chinese tapi converted to Islam. Kenal melalui laman Imeem (sekarang dah tak wujud sebab dah dibeli oleh Myspace).

A romantic kind of guy (page dia penuh dengan pics and lagu-lagu jiwang je.. ^^). Dari berbalas komen, tukar nombor phone. Back then, I just got my own handphone and was too naive about the world so I gave him my number. Nombor yang dia guna tu  pulak nombor company.Alan senpai *senpai = senior* (couldn't call him 'abang' bcoz it feels weird to call a stranger that..) SANGAAAAT BAIK. He treats me like his own sister.

Dulu topup mak and abah yang support so bila takde kredit, bagitahu la dia. Yang terkejut, dia sanggup topupkan. Nak bayar balik, like I said before, dia guna nombor company dan nombor tu by bill. Nak bank in, mana aku tahu sistem tu dulu. Mula-mula RM10, RM10 then lastly, RM30!!! So I owe him RM50! Masa birthday aku, dia siap nak hantarkan hadiah! Tapi aku tolak. Takkan nak accept gift from someone yang I barely knew, kan? Tapi yang ruginya, kalau aku accept, aku mesti dapat alamat dia and kitorang takkan lost contact, kan?

Next up is Dokino Kazuto, a Japanese boy who's really into cosplay (dress up like characters in anime) and he looks so well in them! Muka dia, kalau Melayu kata 'jambu' la but to me, he's handsome,in his own way. ^^

(random pic)

This guy looks good even in girls' cosplay dress! Muka memang jambu habisan. 

Ada save gambar dia but because my brother deleted my folder tanpa izin, I lost everything and his picture is one of it! Tu yang buat aku marah sangat kat abang. I lost most of my treasured stuffs and pictures that I couldn't get back. For example, my senior years in high school! I was the one who brought the  cameras and took pictures of our friends and nobody copied them so that's why I was FURIOUS with my brother! Back then, I cried like there's no tomorrow.

Okay. Back to Kato (his nickname). He's a nice guy too. He listens to me whenever I had problems. He always goes angry whenever I called him 'ringo otoko', which means apple boy. Wanna know why I call him that? Because apple is his favourite fruit!

I tried to search for him but there's no luck. Either he change his name on Tagged or he deleted his account. I don't know...

Hey you two!

I really miss you. Hope I can meet you again... May Allah bless you guys.

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